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The Benefits Of Pursuing A BBA Degree At The Canadian College Of Science And Technology

Canadian College of Science and Technology is the college that provides a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program and is affiliated with Karachi University Business School. CCST is a newly built college that provides 4 years graduation degree to its students. In the fourth year of Bachelor of Business Administration, our students will have the chance to study in Europe to get higher education and to brighten their future.

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA):-

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the four-year graduation degree program that we offer to our students. Bachelor of Business Administration is the study of Business Management. Our well-experienced faculty members who are PHD qualified to facilitate students by providing BBA classes. After receiving education from our top-class teachers students will be able to manage the business and will have the leadership qualities because education is the thing which will never decline. 

Scope of Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) Program:-

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA program) which is offered by the Canadian College of Science and Technology is a great degree program because CCST teachers make students able to stand in society. After receiving this degree from CCST students will have the following skills:-

  • Students will be able to focus on developing business skills;
  • They will have the quality of managing the management;
  • They will have the skill of marketing because they will focus on the 7’s of marketing which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, and physical evidence.
  • They will have the skills to handle the accounting and Finance cases;
  • They will have the quality of Human Resources after receiving education from the Canadian College OF Science and Technology.


Canadian College Of Science And Technology is affiliated with the University of Karachi and provides a BBA 4-year graduation degree and quality education which will have a positive impact on students’ careers. Students will have a quality Research Study because the faculty members of CCST will make students do research study by themselves. Students who have completed their intermediate or A-level are eligible for 4 year Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) program and those students who have completed their 2 years Bachelor program which includes BCom, B.A, and BSc. are eligible for Bachelor of Business Administration (5th semester) in CCST to bright their future.  

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